HUBER is future-oriented, efficient, fast and reliable


Our car parks set standards

HIB Huber Integral Bau is an owner-managed family enterprise and a leading international provider of car park solutions in composite steel construction. With all our projects we follow our most important principle: HUBER has the future in mind – by people for people.

Our motivated team of civil engineers, businesspeople and multidisciplinary experts concentrates on future-oriented planning and design, efficient construction and reliable operation of MSCPs. That is how we set standards – for the industry itself, our society as a whole and the future of mobility.


Our Partnership is convincing

The composite steel construction combines well thought-out management with delicate aesthetics. We manufacture hot-dip galvanized steel elements with profiled liner sheets. Concrete is poured on top of the liner sheets on site. With the help of our high degree of in-house production and long-standing partnerships with specialist contractors, we guarantee professional, expert and on-time execution.

This promise is based on proactive planning, efficient site logistics and a comprehensive range of maintenance and service offers in the operation of the car parks. In this way, HUBER accompanies customers across Europe throughout the entire product life cycle and remains by their side as a strong partner.

Patented design details, innovative technical equipment, sophisticated façade designs and continuous development turn HUBER car parks into a true brand. It makes HUBER one of the leading specialists in the German car park industry.

HUBER guarantees:

  • High degree of design and manufacturing quality
  • Maximum efficiency
  • High degree of user friendliness
  • Modern, attractive architectural design
  • Sustainability through long-term support


Our work shapes the future of parking

HUBER was founded in 1990 and has established itself as a specialist for turn-key car parks in composite steel construction. In our long company history, we have managed to continuously grow and to consistently improve and widen our range of services.

Our company was established with inherent car park construction expertise: Founding Managing Director Erwin Lötsch had been working in turn-key construction for 20 years with 10 years’ experience as head of a car park construction department before setting out on his own.

Quality assurance and sustainability are important pillars of our success, which we manage from our company headquarters about 35 km south of Bonn and 30 km north of Koblenz. Our team today consists of a total of round about 160 dedicated employees.

We develop innovative solutions for all aspects of car park construction. These comprise material refinements and special detail solutions in steel construction as well as significant improvements in energy efficiency through our intelligent control systems.

Today, HUBER unites a multitude of industry-related companies. HUBER car park systems international GmbH implements the HUBER system construction in Europe. Since its establishment in 2009 it has grown into an economically strong company
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HUBER-run parking facilities are now established in many places in Germany, but also in Poland. HUBER is also one of the market leaders in the car park construction industry, especially in Germany and Great Britain. In 2018, we founded Huber car park systems UK Limited, which is based in Langley, west London. In April 2021, we established a branch of Huber car park systems international GmbH in Leiden, the Netherlands.



We rely on digitalisation


Car Park Construction is our Passion.

Our philosophy is about people.

A multi-storey car park is more than a mere parking space for vehicles. And car park construction is a task that goes beyond design, architecture and quality. It is not only about economy, efficiency and operational safety, but above all about people.

The user should feel comfortable and safe in the MSCP. The operator should be able to rely on the technology. And our employees should enjoy their work through attractive and fair conditions.

In keeping with this philosophy, we always stay up to date and make changes where and when it makes strategic sense. We monitor technical and technological advances very closely and integrate them into our system.

Also, market conditions, users’ needs, and the requirements of the modern working environment are always considered when designing and implementing our products.

Our team is highly motivated and given every opportunity to continuously develop their skills. Work-life balance is also very important to us and we take it into account wherever possible.


Our car parks are in demand everywhere

HUBER is present as a specialist for MSCPs throughout Europe. HUBER car park systems now offers services in Great Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Norway and constantly taps new markets.

Benefit from our country-specific expertise and our comprehensive technical and commercial capabilities.

Since 2017 our international reputation has continuously been strengthened by winning several British Parking Awards.
In 2017, we were awarded first prize in the category “Best New Car Park” for the Rose Lane car park project in Norwich, England.

In 2020, the cooperation between HUBER, Quintain and Potter Church & Holmes won two awards in the “Special Projects Award” category, one for “Special Engineering” and one for “Public Art and Wayfinding Graphics”. Both were awarded for the PINK Coach & Car Parking project.

This was followed in 2022 by an award in the category “Car Park Design” for the Watford Riverwell project.

British Parking Award-Winner 2020


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